Rising salaries – Why e-commerce experts and online marketing professionals are in such high demand at the moment

11.06.2019 | Blog / In the news

Online Marketing Manager in the fast lane

Our research on stepstone.de shows why certified further training as an online marketing manager makes sense at the moment: in May 2019, the hit list for this search term makes up approx. 54 pages on this search portal alone. Anyone who has sound competence and knowledge in the field of online marketing for the operation, marketing and development of e-commerce platforms can often hardly save themselves from possible jobs.

An analysis of the labour market for IT specialists reveals that demand appears to be stable rather than rising sharply. By contrast, the demand for online marketing experts has risen steadily in recent years by up to double-digit percentages per year (source: Digilents).

For example, anyone who knows about advertising in search engines and social media channels and is profitable will earn between 2,300 and 3,000 euros gross when they start their career – regardless of whether they have a university degree or have learned it themselves.

Career changers have it easy

Even for non-subject academic career starters, it can be worthwhile to train their online marketing skills. Since E-commerce especially now offers the perfect basis for career changers to get off to a good start with a career.

For example, qualifications as a “Certified Professional Online Marketing Manager” or “Certified Professional E-Commerce Manager” can be worthwhile in that lucrative marketing jobs will shorten their on-the-job-training or skip it completely, in order to ring in the career early.

If you prove yourself in a successful position in e-commerce or online marketing, you can go a long way. With 10 years of professional experience, a salary of between 35,000 and 99,000 euros per year can be expected in Germany, which means between 2,900 and 8,250 euros per month. In order to get into the upper third of this salary range leads a somewhat stony way, however it is possible for anyone. The salary ammount is of course strongly dependent on the industry and the size of the enterprise.

Who recognizes trends, will constantly be offered new chances

If one only takes the constantly changing requirements of the search engine Google as an example, it quickly becomes clear that the roles of online marketing managers and e-commerce specialists are becoming increasingly important in companies. In the future, an employer can only meet the constantly changing challenges in the web business with excellent personnel in this area. It can therefore be foreseen that salaries will inevitably rise as the demand for skilled workers continues to rise.

If a person has a feel for the current trends on the market and is also willing to continue their education, a solid career in online marketing and e-commerce beckons – whether a graduate in a related field or a total career changer.

If the trend continues like this, all small and medium-sized companies will soon have to employ a team of online marketing and online shop specialists instead of expensive external consultants or agencies. By then at the latest, the market for good specialists will be so competitive that rosy times will prevail for specialists.

Partner choice is crucial

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