Digital Market Intelligence

Sample Jobs - See what your new job entails in practical terms

Detailed market information helps companies with pricing strategies, PR and marketing measures and in developing their own product portfolios. A competent team in Market Intelligence helps your company to keep an eye on your competitors in order to always be one step ahead. We provide you with the skilled digital enthusiasts you need in order to achieve your goals.

Here we show you how typical positions in the field of Digital Market Intelligence can look like:

Pricing Intelligence

The Pricing Intelligence Manager observes and analyzes the market price level from a strategic and operational perspective using modern data mining programs to gain an overview of the market prices and competitors of a company. This information is then used to develop the organization’s pricing strategy and increase revenue.

Market Intelligence

The Market Intelligence Manager is responsible for the entire quantitative and qualitative market analysis with a focus on identifying the relevant current and future trends at the international level. He is responsible for the creation and execution of detailed market research plans. He develops detailed quantitative industry-specific marketing, sales and pricing strategies and provides the basis for the company’s product development strategies.

Product Assortment Intelligence

In e-commerce terminology, assortment intelligence refers to a set of tools and software that help online retailers track a competitor’s inventory and product supply. The software uses real-time algorithms for artificial intelligence, data mining, and image recognition to enable retailers to view, compare, and analyze inventory differences. Product Assortment Intelligence therefore encompasses the coordination of goods based on online trading.


he Customer Relationship Manager optimizes all CRM functions and continuously expands the company’s overall CRM capabilities to ensure the highest level of service and excellent customer experience. It controls the customer data flows in the company, collects and evaluates the customer data and provides important insights and foundations for business development, marketing and product development.

Web Intelligence

The Web Intelligence Manager is responsible for the preparation, evaluation and interpretation of data from different systems. If required, it creates ad hoc analyses, (daily) reports and on purchasing and user behavior as well as on processes in certain areas such as logistics. He derives meaningful recommendations for action from statistics / reports. He works closely with shop product management, online marketing and other departments.