IT Project Management

Sample jobs - See what your new job looks like in practical terms

In times of digital change there are many changes in information technology for companies. Competent IT project managers, who act as the interface between application development and users, are therefore necessary in every company. We can put you in touch with specialists in this field, whether in the form of recruitment or temporarily as experts.

Here we show you what typical positions in IT project management can look like:

Head of Product

The Head of Product assumes overall responsibility for product visions and further development of the agile IT product strategy in the company. He is responsible for the technical and methodical control of an expert team of internal and external product owners.

Product Owner

The Product Owner is an IT professional who is responsible for defining, prioritizing and evaluating the services provided by a Software-Scrum-Team to ensure the product’s features and functionality are maintained.

Data Scientist

The Data Scientist is an IT expert responsible for data extraction, processing, aggregation and evaluation. He performs quantitative and qualitative data analysis to identify non-visible system errors and risks.


The Iot specialist is responsible for the development and testing of software components and systems for innovative products based on Internet of Things (IoT). He designs and implements data models for IoT / Industry 4.0 applications, accompanies all project phases, including requirements analysis, design and testing, and works on bugfixing existing software.


As an AWS expert, you are a trusted account manager who can help you use AWS products and services to increase cost efficiency. You will work with the enterprise IT, operations and finance teams to implement best practices for cloud adoption and cost savings.